Frequently Asked Questions

What copywriting services do you offer?

I offer marketing materials such as website copywriting, landing pages, sales letters, brochures, B2B marketing, advertising, content marketing, email marketing, blog posts, newsletters, case studies, and more.

Why should I hire you?

I have a BS in Information Technology from Florida International University. My objective in copywriting is to demonstrate to the consumer how your product or service is the solution to their needs. I write copy that is clear, organized, and informative.

I’m easy to work with and able to learn very quickly. I’m always learning new methodologies to be a better copywriter. I will not disclose any sensitive information about your project to any outside source. My goal is to deliver a great product that you can be completely satisfied with.

What is your process?

It all starts with an initial conversation. I’ll get an understanding of your business and what type of copy you are looking for. After that, if we both agree to continue, I will send you an email with a contract outlining the copywriting project details and a payment link. A 50% payment is required to start the copywriting project. I will also request background materials about your product or service. Once the contract, 50% payment, and background materials have been received the project can begin.

If I hire you how can we communicate?

We can communicate by phone, email or through any video service such as Zoom or Facetime.

In what form will you submit your copy?

Clients will receive their copy in a Microsoft Word document. I will only be responsible for the copywriting portion of the project. If you want I can work with your designer on the layout of the project.

If I hire you, how can you write copy without industry knowledge?

I will gather as much information as I can from our initial conversation. The clients will provide the background materials about the product or service. Once I have all the necessary information I can start doing my research. It will be a short learning curve to learn about your specific industry. Despite the differences in industries the fundamentals of copywriting remain the same.

What is the turnaround time?

Typically, I like to have two to four weeks to complete a project. It all depends on the complexity and duration of the project.

If I hire you, do you outsource the copywriting project?

I complete all copywriting projects myself and do not outsource projects of any kind.

Do you guarantee sales results or specific results from your copy?

The only thing I can guarantee is your complete satisfaction with the copy I write for you before you market your product or service. If you’re not satisfied with my copy, I will revise the copy according to your specifications. I cannot guarantee any sales results or specific results. There are many factors in a marketing campaign that can affect the outcome. The only thing I can guarantee is your satisfaction before you market your product or service. I cannot promise and guarantee specific results for any project.

Is your copy guaranteed to be 100% without errors?

While I strive my best to provide copy that is without errors. Sometimes when you read a document a certain amount of times your mind and eyes overlook certain mistakes. It is the clients responsibility to read the copy and request any revisions.

If you have questions not answered in the FAQ. Contact me, for any additional questions.