Are you a busy business professional or small business looking for a specialist to help you with your marketing...

I’d like to help you in creating marketing materials for your business. Below is a list of the copywriting services that I can provide...

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Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Your website is your companies image. With effective website copywriting your customers become more engaged, informed, and more likely to make a purchase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a versatile tool for engagement and retention of customers. Some email marketing applications include advertisements, subscriptions, brand awareness, and sales.

Sales Letters

Use a sales letter to get in front of your customers. Sales letters deliver a personal touch to your product or service.


Brochures are used to capture the attention of your customers. Brochures are products that customers can collect and be used as a reminder of your products or services.

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is used to reach your business audience. Use B2B marketing content such as special reports, case studies, and testimonials to engage with your target audience.

Online or Print Advertising

Advertising is a great way to communicate with your customers. Advertisements inform your customer of your product or service and explains to them why your product or service is the solution to their needs.

Press Releases

A press release is a traditional form of communication that can be effective in today’s modern world. Press releases can be used to improve a brand’s image, share newsworthy information, and inform the public of a new product or service.


When you want to relay information about your business or company; newsletters are the way to go. Newsletters are used to communicate news, updates or provide event information within your organization.

Case Studies

A case study tells a story as to how a business solved the problem or need of a particular business or customer. Case studies are useful because they are real world based. 

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The list provided is just a sampling of my copywriting services. Contact me, if you have any questions about other copywriting projects.